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Classic Quartz Worktops

Classic Quartz **NEW** Colours:

Classic Quartz Worktops Colours:

Why Classic Quartz?

Are you renovating your kitchen area? Classic quartz is a very high-quality option to choose that has proven to be one of the finest countertop materials, time and time again. There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy when you choose classic quartz over the alternative options.

The number one major advantage of classic quartz is the material’s supreme durability. When you’re redoing your kitchen area, you will understandably want a surface that will last. Because of classic quartz’s proven longevity, you can consider it a long term investment.

This hard wearing surface will stand up to any challenge you throw its way without faltering, making it a highly cost-effective option. You also won’t have a problem with staining when you choose classic quartz.

Another great benefit to classic quartz is that it’s a non-porous material. What this means is that you won’t have to worry about harmful bacteria that can oftentimes lie dormant in alternative materials and make you ill.

You will obviously want your worktops to perfectly match your unique tastes and requirements. Classic quartz is available in countless colours, so there is something available for absolutely everyone.

Whichever colour you end up choosing, you will benefit from a beautiful glossy finish that is natural to classic quartz. The high quartz percentage means that the glossy sheen will be easily maintained over the years without requiring the added use of any expensive products.

The other great thing about the material being non-porous is that it won’t burn. You can put your hot frying pan on the work surface without having to worry about it staining, marking or sticking in any way.

Your new classic quartz worktops will also be effortless to maintain as you won’t have to constantly clean them to keep them looking glossy and attractive. Scouring pads and harsh products should always be avoided – a simple household detergent and a wet cloth is all you need.

Unlike marble and granite, classic quartz won’t require regular sealing after it’s been installed at your property. This is a great time saving advantage that will greatly extend your new worktop’s service life.