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Marble Worktops Colours:

Why Marble Worktop?

Marble worktops are as delightfully pleasing to behold as they are to work on. Ask any chef or avid baker, and they’ll tell you that nothing beats the feeling of working on a premium quality surface. Colourful and inspiring, these exquisite worktops exude beauty and uniqueness, adding a touch of sophistication and distinction to any home.
A marble kitchen worktop is a great place to gather around with friends or family to enjoy some quality interaction. Whether you’re preparing a meal, dining, or engaged in other household activities, you’ll enjoy the warmth and natural feel of this aesthetically pleasing material.

Why Choose Marble?

The beauty with marble is that it offers a far greater degree of design flexibility. It is a softer material than granite making it easier to cut. This makes design options such as fancy edges more achievable than with other materials. Marble stays cool naturally and doesn’t conduct heat like other surface materials. This is excellent news for those who enjoy home-cooking as things like dough and pastry won’t stick to the surface.
Speaking of heat, marble is highly resistant (albeit not entirely) to heat. While we don’t recommend doing this all the time, hot pans can be placed directly onto the surface if need be. Plus, despite marble being a softer material, it’s surprisingly durable and hard-wearing. While not as robust as granite or quartz, it can still withstand light slicing and dicing.

Finally, the ambience of homely hospitality that marble conveys sets it apart from other options. In a typical household, it’s not uncommon for a family to congregate in the kitchen to discuss their day. As well as providing a superlative cooking surface, a marble worktop will equip your kitchen with a place you’ll want to get together around.

Commercial Projects

The uniqueness of marble is matched only by its versatility. As well as worktops, marble is often used to create floors, walls, structural columns, and staircases. Step into a lobby or reception area that boasts eye-catching marble features, and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve stepped into something fancy. For properties that feature classic or contemporary architecture, marble is a splendid design choice.

It is durable, strong, and sports lasting beauty. Best of all is that it is also highly valued for its incredible resistance to fire making it a safer choice than materials such as wood. At Pisa Stone, we supply a wide range of marble worktops suitable for all manner of construction and renovation projects.

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